Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF)  

1. Background 

Year of establishment : 1949
ROS Registration : ROS 0211/1949 REL     20.05.1964
ROS’s UEN :             S64 SS 0008 K   wef 1 Jan 2009
Charity Registration : 00727                         02.04.1990
Registered Address : 59, Lorong 24A Geylang, Singapore 398583
Membership : Individual Member : 124 , Institutional Member : 117  (As at 22 Sept 2022)

Objectives :
 to unify all Buddhist institutions and Buddhists in Singapore
 to observe Buddhist precepts, to practise Buddhism and to propagate Dharma.
 To promote culture, education and social welfare. 

2. Affiliates of SBF 

(1) Maha Bodhi School   UEN T 07 GS 5601 J

A government – aided primary school founded by SBF in 1949.  Accorded SAP School status in 1990, current pupil population is more than 2200. Awarded “Programme for School-Based Excellence Award” in 2006. 

The School was selected for PRIME Project with construction period from Dec 2006 to June 2009. The $ 24M project was completed in June 2009 and the School has since then operated in this state-of-the-art campus. 

A $18.9M Upgrading Project under PERI Phase 3 was launched in 2015, SBF has to raise $1.6m for this project. The upgrading works commenced in November 2015 and was s School-based Student Care Centre.

Mdm Teng Lai Kwan had joined the School as its 8th Principal since 15 December 2021.

(2) Manjusri Secondary School   UEN T 07 GS 7307 E

A government-aided secondary school founded by SBF in 1982, it has more than 1000 students at the moment. 

The school underwent a massive $ 24 M upgrading project under the MOE’s PRIME initiative and relocated to Ubi Avenue 1 upon completion of project in Jan 2009. It is now adjacent to Maha Bodhi School.  The School has moved into this $24M state-of-the-art campus since Jan 2009. 

PRIME: Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools. 

(3) Prince Siddattha Child Care Centre

The Centre is located in Bukit Batok, established since Mar 1995 and has an enrolment of more than 110 children. It is a community service division of SBF.

(4) Marine Parade Maha Bodhi Student Care Centre 

A joint project launched in 1999 between SBF and Southeast CDC with an enrolment of about 70.  it is a before-and-after school care service centre catering to the needs of the local residents. It is a community service division of SBF.

(5) SBF Youth Group

Formed in 1991 for the promotion solidarity among Buddhist Youths and to promote Buddhism. It has more than 120 members. 

(6) SBF Dharma Class Students’ Society

Formed in 1994 by alumnus and students of SBF Dharma Classes. It aims to enhance the learning of Dharma and to support SBF. It has more than 300 members. 

3. Religious Activities 

(1) Annual Vesak Day Celebration
(2) Dharma Classes
(3) Series of Dharma Talks
(4) Precept Assembly
(5) Various Dharma Assemblies
(6) International Buddhist Conference 

4. Cultural and Educational Activities 

(1) Publish quarterly journal Nanyang Buddhist.
(2) Series of talks on Buddhist Culture and Literature. 
(3) Co-organise educational seminar on Buddhism with local and overseas institutions.
(4) Accredited training provider for “Board Governance Training for Charities (Mandarin)” by NCSS with 80% VCF Grant.
(5) Promoter of a 18-month pilot project on “Governance Consultancy Service for Buddhist Charities”  from 1 Oct 2010 to 31 Dec 2011. This project receives 100% grant from the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.
(6) Conduct a series of talk on legal matters concerning charities and societies. 

*   VCF: Voluntary Welfare Organisations-Charities Capability Fund

5. Charities and Welfare Works 

(1)  Annual Bursary Awards to needy students in primary, secondary school and junior colleges regardless of race or religion.                                                                                                              (2)  Participate in relief works, eg: South Asia Tidal Waves, Taiwan earthquake, Indonesia earthquake, Lebanon War, Turkey earthquake and etc.
(3) Counselling, Dharma lessons and Refuge-taking ceremony for inmates of prisons, drug rehabilitation centres and Singapore Armed Forces Detention Barracks.
(4) Conduct vegetarian culinary lessons for inmates of various penal institutions.                  (5)  Counselling Service for ex-inmates.

6. Promote National Cohesion  

SBF participates actively in the following organisations:  

(1)Presidential Council for Religious Harmony.
(2) National Steering Committee on Racial and Religious Harmony.
(3) National Steering Committee on Racial and Religious Harmony Working Committee.
(4) Inter- Religious Organisation of Singapore.
(5) Inter- Religious Harmony Circle.
(6) Dialogue with Chinese Community Outreach Group.
(7) Dialogue sessions organised by REACH,a feedback unit of MCYS
(8) National Day Blessing Ceremony. 

7. Feedback 

SBF presented its views on the following issues: 

(1) Human Organ Transplantation.
(2) Integrated Resort.
(3) Biomedical Research.
(4) Problem Gambling. 

8. International Network

SBF sent delegations to India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Indonesia and etc to attend Sangha Convention, Buddhist Forum as well as goodwill visit.